Aditya Consultants




Narendra M Brahmankar - Founder

• D.M.E., D.Q.M., P.G.D.P.M.D - Post Graduate Dip. In Plastics Mould    Design, P.D.M.M.S.E. – Post. Dip. In Mgmt. Of Medium & Small Scale    Enterprises
• LMII Certified Lean Practitioner
• IRCA Registered QMS Auditor
• IRCA Approved EMS & OHSAS Lead Auditor
• Certified Sr. Examiner of Quality Management from IMC    Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award Criteria from 2010
• Conducted more than 50 Internal Auditor’s Training Programmes of    QMS and IMS (EMS +OHSAS)
• Conducted various training programmes / workshops on Strategic    Business Planning, Effective implementation of 5S , Kaizen….etc.
• Successfully completed various projects on 5 S in manufacturing as    well as service industry
• Successfully completed various assignments on Process Mapping    and Performance Improvement.
• Conducted over 250 third party audits in various organizations    operating in the field of Machine Manufacturing, Plastics,    Engineering, Automobiles, Rubber Processing, Electronics &    Telecommunications, Pharmaceutical, Glass Fiber, Hospitals,    Distribution Agencies and Process Industries
• Successfully completed TQM Project on reduction in rejection of    TV Cabinets