Aditya Consultants



Our Services

We are Lead auditors in Quality & Environmental Management Systems and also RBNQA Certified Examiners for Business Excellence Criteria. We provide services in Consultancy, Auditing and Training in various areas, some of them being -

Consultancy for

• QMS,EMS,BS OHSAS 18001:2007 & Business Excellence Practices
• Process Management & Process Improvements
• 5S Projects
• Office Management Systems
• Lean Projects

Training In

• 5S Work Place Management
• Quality Improvement Tools
• Competency Mapping
• Development of Management Skills
• Team Building
• Achieving Financial Freedom

Supporting Services

• Quality System Audits
• Personal Counseling

We support our clients to meet the most demanding and complex business challenges by developing, road mapping and implementing strategic plans for identifying and managing today’s risks to ensure tomorrow’s rewards.

Our Services Will Help You To

Improvements in

• Quality Culture
• Role clarity
• Communication at all levels
• Team work and employee motivation
• Machine Utilization
• Productivity
• Customer Satisfaction


• Rejections, reworks, customer complaints
• Inventories
• Accidents
• Waste
• Pollution
• Non-value added processes

Varied Experience in the Following Industrial Sectors

• Engineering
• Plastics and Rubber
• Warehousing and logistics
• Banking, Insurance and Finance
• Construction
• Oils and Chemical
• Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
• Education
• Garment
• Electrical & Electronics
• Food & Beverage